Multifamily Program

WHO IT’S FOR (Our Multifamily Clients)

  • Apartment Communities
  • Apartment Community Management Companies
  • Apartment Community Development Companies
  • HOA (Home Owners Associations) / HOA Boards
  • Condo / Single Family Home Developers
  • HOA Management Companies
  • Condominium Management Companies
  • AirBnb® / Vacation Rental Management Companies


With a one-of-a-kind community amenity which will distinguish your property from competitors in the marketplace, as you appeal to your prospective residents, homeowners or vacation rental guests, by offering an exceptional “value add” benefit in the form of a first-class luxury Personal Concierge Service. Your Concierge Service Desk can even be “branded” in the name of your community or management company. Our residential Concierge Service Program (either on-site and/or virtual), will prove to be the key element which separates you from the competition. Let your prospective residents or homeowners instantly recognize, that they will enjoy the prestige of “higher living”, when they become part of your community.


Demonstrates your commitment to your current & future residents or homeowners – the people who contribute to your property’s success and value. A luxury concierge service will make all the difference to your multifamily community. Our prestige or private label concierge service program will instantly show you a return on your investment, by increasing your resident retention, improve the property’s value, and simultaneously separate you from your competition, as your current and future residents decide where to spend their housing dollars. Offering unlimited access to our team of concierge service professionals, will show your residents or homeowners, that you are not only providing a place to live, but are also committed to delivering a “premium” lifestyle.


The time and resources of your management and sales team should not be spent dealing with your resident or homeowners “personal” issues – We take the burden of non-leasing/sales related matters off the shoulders of your management team! Our concierge staff become the people your residents turn to for everything else. Optimizing the precious time of your own team, our elite, professional concierge staff will cater to your residents every need, without you having to worry. We can also create exclusive experiences for your residents or homeowners. Simply tap into the power of our residential concierge service specialists, and simultaneously boost your own teams’ productivity. We will also make your residents or homeowners feel like they are living at a five-star resort.