Corporate Program

WHO IT’S FOR (Our Corporate Clients)

  • Large / Small Organizations
  • Commercial Real Estate Management Companies
  • Membership Organizations
  • Automobile Clubs
  • Hospitals
  • Customer Service Industries
  • Employee Benefit Companies
  • Country Clubs

The Ultimate Customer Appreciation Program

A Corporate Concierge Service Program will help elevate your organizations' brand, by enhancing the value of your product or service offering to an “experience"!

We will create, develop and operate a Corporate Concierge Service which will be designed to support your clients, customers, commercial tenants, associates and/or members personally, so that professionally you're achieving “optimum productivity"! Our commercial online concierge service program will help you distinguish your organization from the competition.

Distinguish Your Commercial Space

A Corporate Concierge Program will “distinguish" your commercial building from the competition by providing your tenants with a premium “work/life" benefit which will assist them both personally and professionally, to attain “optimum productivity"! Establish a premium tenant benefit, which will also function as a unique marketing tool for new tenant procurement and sales.

Remove the “burden" of non-leasing / sales related issues, off the shoulders of your “on-site" or off site management team, and place them into the very capable hands of our team of Concierge Professionals.

For Your Valued Employees/Executives

Our “Private Label" Corporate Concierge Services Program will help position your organization as one of the best to work for! Let us enhance your employee benefits package affordably, by providing your team with a premium “work/life" benefit, which will assist them both personally and professionally to attain “optimum productivity"! A professional concierge service desk will make all the difference.

Your commercial concierge program will make you the envy of the corporate concierge community – with a team of concierge professionals on call 24/7/365 for the benefit of your valued team, providing your team with the gift of “time" – the ultimate employee benefit program.


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